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    ucr- my school. to be honest, i’m glad i go to school there. maybe at first i was upset, but over the years i’m glad. i can safely say in my four years there, i learned many things. stand for what you believe in! also, from the way i see it, i see nothing wrong. sure there were students who were being loud and crazy, but were we violent? NO! we were NOT being violent. we stood up for what we believe in! we’re not afraid to tell the regents what we want! the purpose of the UC, whether it be riverside, san diego, LA, berkeley, etc, is so that we can have a free education! NO MORE INCREASING TUTION!!!!!! like the people in the video said…..SHAME, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!!!

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      Woah things got really intense, but of course i had to be in lab when all this was happening.
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i am the STIG (:
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